As Nicol Bolas continues to torment the Multiverse, many planeswalkers gather for one final battle against the Elder Dragon! Planeswalkers from across the multiverse attempt to put an end to Bolas' plans, sacrificing themselves in battle. Who will come out victorious? Find out in the War of the Spark!

At the War of the Spark prerelease you'll be able to do battle with all sorts of planeswalkers as each pack contains a planeswalker. You'll receive 6 War of the Spark boosters, a promotional foil and a promotional Planeswalker to build a deck from and get to battle in sealed play. At the end of each event everyone will receive prizes, so be sure to gear up for an action packed War of the Spark prerelease!

If you would like to find out more details on the prerelease, then you can find out further details on the Wizards website or don't hesitate to contact us.

Below you'll find the various options for entry to our events over the prerelease weekend including various bundles (Saturday Bundle, Sunday Bundle and Weekend Pass). Additionally booster boxes can be pre-ordered for collection over the prerelease weekend. If you do not have a DCI Number, then head on over to the Wizards website to sign up for one.

Prerelease registration has been taken down for updates. We'll release space updates around 4pm today (Friday 26th April).

ADDRESS: Xtreme Trades Gaming Centre, Unit C4 Seedbed Centre, Wyncolls Road, Colchester, CO4 9HT

Our store is situated over on the Severalls Business Park with easy access from the town centre and via the A12. If you're looking to get to the store via public transport, then the following options are available:

TRAIN: If you're planning on travelling to the store by train, then you'll want to alight at Colchester Station (also known as Colchester North). Then you'll want to head out of the station via platform 3/4, down the hill and on your right will be a bus stop. Follow bus instructions below.

BUS: You'll then want to take bus number 61, 65 or 8 Highwoods Tesco bound. You'll want to alight at the end of Mill Road. The venue is just a short walk away - Across the roundabout, follow the Cresent all of the way round to the next roundabout, straight over and we're in the yellow gated business park on the right.

PARKING: There is ample parking on the business park. Please don't park in spaces of open businesses (bar ours) or in front of shutter doors. There is visitor parking towards the back of the business park.

**In order to be eligible for prizes you must start round 2**


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